Introduction to SafeSwap

A Secure Cross-Chain Atomic Swapping Protocol to Enable Native Token Transfers Across Different Blockchains

What is SafeSwap?

SafeSwap has redefined interoperability through secure cross-chain atomic swaps.
What is SafeSwap?
SafeSwap is not a DEX or Trading Platform. It's a platform and protocol to enable cross-chain 1:1 native token swaps.

Unlocking a Multichain Future

Using atomic swaps, SafeSwap can transform a token into a multichain token, as it enables the secure transfer of native tokens across diverse blockchains such as vechain, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Base and Optimism.
Unlike most cross-chain solutions out there, with SafeSwap, there's no need to wait for someone else to provide liquidity or to use some wrapped version of your token.

The Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

A cross-chain atomic swap is a 1:1 swap of native tokens between different blockchains.
This is done by a smart locking and unlocking mechanism of the native tokens on the chains involved. The swap is fully conducted between a user’s own wallets without any middlemen (peer-to-peer).

SafeSwap's Core Features

SafeSwap stands out with its unique set of features designed for seamless, secure and user-friendly cross-chain native token transfers.
Here's why SafeSwap stands out:
  • Cross-Chain Atomic Token Swaps enable users to swap native tokens directly between different blockchains without relying on wrapped tokens.
  • Peer-to-Peer Transactions: All swaps take place directly between the user's wallets, eliminating the need for intermediaries, ensuring complete transparency and user control.
  • Tokenomic Integrity: SafeSwap uses a smart and efficient locking/unlocking to ensure your token supply remains consistent during swaps, preventing any potential token manipulation.
  • Guaranteed Liquidity with Locked Token Pools: Rather than relying on user-provided liquidity, tokens are placed into a locked token pool by the project owners themselves, ensuring full control, consistent liquidity and zero slippage for users.
  • Enhanced Security with Hashed Time-Locked Contracts (HTLC): Secure swaps that can only be claimed from the initiating device and browser. HTLC uses unique codes for each token pool ensure accurate swaps and protect against unauthorized actions.
  • Extra Security Measures for Larger Swaps: Bigger transactions come with bigger risks, so we up the security for them. Any swap above $10,000 will need at least 5 confirmations before it's executed. This extra step gives users peace of mind that their high-value swaps are handled with utmost precision and care.
  • Whitelabel Integration for Developers: Developers can effortlessly integrate SafeSwap, leveraging its cross-chain benefits. Our whitelabel solution and robust API simplify integration, allowing for tailored user experiences and brand consistency.

Cross-Chain Use Cases

  • Native Token Swaps: Seamlessly transfer native tokens between various blockchains.
  • Cross-Chain Liquidity: Projects using SafeSwap can tap into and provide liquidity across different chains, enriching their DeFi ecosystem.
  • Multichain Tokens: Enable your tokens across multiple chains with ease.
  • Multichain Dapps: Broaden your dApps' reach and functionality by making them available on multiple chains.

Benefits for End Users

  • One-to-One Token Swaps Directly Between User Wallets: SafeSwap ensures user empowerment by facilitating direct token swaps between personal wallets. Users maintain full control and ownership of their tokens at all times, without any third-party interventions.
  • Always-On Liquidity and Zero Slippage: Experience consistent liquidity availability, thanks to SafeSwap's locked token pools tailored for atomic 1:1 swaps. With no slippage, users get exactly what they expect, any time of the day.
  • Unparalleled User Security: Beyond standard blockchain security protocols, SafeSwap introduces an extra protective layer. The platform's backend code ensures that only the initiating device can claim the swapped funds, within the same browser, shielding users from potential unauthorized interventions.
  • True Native Multichain Tokens: SafeSwap's protocol enables the use of native tokens across different blockchains. There's no minting, burning, or splitting of the supply, preserving tokenomic purity. Users always hold real assets.
  • Fail-Safe Transaction Protocols: No more worries about lost tokens during failed transactions. SafeSwap is designed to revert failed swaps without imposing additional platform fees. While regular blockchain gas fees are applicable for claiming tokens back, funds remain safeguarded.
  • User-Centric Interface Design: Navigating through decentralized platforms can be complex, but with Safeswap, users are treated to an intuitive interface that simplifies the cross-chain swapping experience while maintaining the protocol's sophisticated backbone.

Supported Blockchains

See the Supported Blockchains page for a list of supported blockchains.

Supported Wallets

See the Supported Wallets page for a list of supported wallets.
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